Digital Work Card and organization of working time from November 1st, 2022

October 25, 2022

The companies-employers of the Country, apart from certain minor exceptions, must carry out the inventory process of the digital organization of working time in ΙS ERGANI II, for all their employees who are employed in the company with a contract or dependent labor relationship, within the time period from November 1st, 2022, up to and including November 30th, 2022, including as well loaned personnel.

In summary, see below the actions that must take place and the new obligations arising for employers:

·        Declaration of changes in employees’ details, gradually or on the same day, for all active staff from 1/11 to 30/11/2022 with a simultaneous declaration of the date of inclusion in the digital time organization with final and mandatory date the 30/11/2022.

·        With the employee census as above, the employee’s Digital Card is automatically activated for immediate use.

·        From the declared date of inclusion of the employee in the digital organization of time, any table E4 for changes concerning the employee ceases to be submitted and the declaration of organization of working time as provided by ERGANI II, in case of changes, is valid.

·        From the same date, there is an obligation to use the digital card when employees arrive and leave their workplace. In the transitional stage and until the employer procures its own equipment, the software available free of charge from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs can be used.

·        The employer must purchase his own equipment for the electronic monitoring/measuring of the working time of his company’s employees, as well as making sure that the employees punch their card when they arrive and leave.

·        A declaration of the granted leaves of all types shall be submitted in census form, distinguishing the type of leave, within the first ten days of the month following the month in which they were granted.

The digital work card concerns employees who have a physical presence at the employer’s premises and not those who work remotely. It has not yet been predicted what will happen to those who work off-site, e.g., traveling salesmen, truck drivers, technicians who visit customers, etc.

To this day, there are still many gaps without the necessary answers from the Ministry of Labor for the practical application of certain cases.

Our office is in the process of collecting and processing the necessary data and actions/procedures required for the inventory process through the payroll program with which we serve our clients, as well as the further implementation of what is provided by the new legislation for the usage of the digital card and the declaration of the digital timetable. We will be able to inform you more about the changes and in more detail, as well as the related costs that will arise from them, in the next period.