Kleopas Payroll Services is awarded by ADP for Safety and Resilience in the face of adversity

January 27, 2022

Kleopas Payroll Services is an official partner of ADP in Greece

Kleopas Payroll Services SA received two awards during the ADP Partner Executive Convention held in December. Specifically, it was awarded as a “Security” and “Resiliency” partner in ADP’s network, an award that also coincides with Data Privacy Day, which will take place tomorrow 28/1.

ADP is an integrated global provider of payroll and human capital management (HCM) solutions, and is a leader in business services outsourcing, analytics and compliance expertise. It is worth noting that the two companies have a long-standing partnership, with Kleopas Payroll Services having handled the payroll part of large multinational companies in the country.

The honorary distinction concerning security confirms the dedication and quality of Kleopas Payroll’s services, especially during this difficult period that we have been experiencing over the last two years, with online fraud on the rise. ADP, wishing to reward and thank Kleopas Payroll for its excellent performance, has awarded it the “Security” award, since during these two years there has not been a single incident that has compromised the data of its clients. Kleopas Payroll, in collaboration with ADP, has always made the protection of its clients’ sensitive data a top priority and ensures that the necessary checks are carried out to offer maximum security.

In terms of the “Resiliency” award, ADP recognizes the comprehensive and reliable services Kleopas Payroll provides to its clients despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. More specifically, this award rewards all the actions taken by Kleopas Payroll, through which potential business disruptions have been avoided and client assets have been safeguarded.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kleopas Payroll Services SA, Maria Gratsia said, “We are very honoured to receive these awards from ADP. But even more important is our partnership with ADP, one of the most influential and innovative global companies in the payroll services sector. At Kleopas Payroll we make every effort to offer the best services to ADP’s clients in Greece, primarily focusing on the security of their data and helping them to clearly see what are the appropriate actions to take to avoid various business mistakes.”