Important Note: Self-testing is mandatory in private sector

May 24, 2021

Based on the information of the authorities so far regarding the introduction of the obligation for self-testing to all employees of the private sector, we inform you that, from today Monday 24/05/2021 to Saturday 29/05/2021, all employees using their AMKA should get free of charge from the pharmacies 2 self-tests. One should be done during the week and the other one on Sunday 30/5.

Those who work any of the days during this week (ie 24/05/2021 to 30/05/2021) will report the result by the end of the week to

We suggest with the declaration to accept at the same time, by ticking the relevant box, the acknowledgment of the result to the employer, in order to facilitate the group monitoring of this obligation by the latter.

Those who work any of the days during next week (ie 31/05 to 04/06/2021) will state the result in the above link on Sunday 30/05/2021, regardless of what day they work that week. The same will be done from now on every Sunday for every coming week. The statement of the result every Sunday, and not before the actual day of employment per week, is proposed to facilitate the information of observance of the measure by the employer.

Please note that this obligation applies to anyone who has declared that they will work for even one day, whether they work at your premises or anywhere else, except teleworking.