May 30, 2018

The employee is not entitled to refuse to receive the annual leave due within the timeframes of the expiring year and a contrary agreement between employer and employee is invalid.

The employer is obliged to grant to each employee the full annual leave of the year or the remaining part thereof, even if the employee did not request it. In case the employer does not fulfil this obligation, even by simple negligence, must pay to the employee, who did not take the entire leave or part thereof, the corresponding salary of leave not taken increased by 100%. The holiday bonus is paid, in any case, with regular rate. Transfer to the following years of leave not taken by the employee, is null and void, even if done with consent of the employee.

The employer must keep vacation book, which must be maintained and be available to labor inspectors for five years from the last entry in it.

The employer is obliged to notify the electronic information system ‘ERGHANI’ of MoL, within the month of January, with the data of employees’ received annual leave and holiday bonus during the preceding calendar year.